At Big Naturals we love wine. We stock lots of wines. Lots and lots of wines, and we offer most of it by the glass or carafe. Come and try a glass or two (or possibly more). While you’re here, you will be looked over by the patron saint of this endeavour, St Agatha – feminist icon and one-time owner of a great pair of big naturals.

While Hantverk & Found provides the opportunity to let food take centre stage, we really felt there was a need for a place you can just pop in to and have a really good glass of wine and maybe a bite to eat. So, Big Naturals is basically a bar where you just come in for a drink and have a bit of food if you want to.

There will be some dishes available from the Hantverk & Found menu and others like charcuterie and liver parfait. People won’t need to book a table, they can just walk in. We wanted it to be fun, with people drinking and sitting close together like the tapas bars in Seville.